Hot Men in the Philippines

Jerald Mutia, Body Shots

One of the more decent-looking [yet, hot] candidates in Body Shots 2008, was Sacramento-based Jerald Mutia.  The 26-year-old model, who stand 5’9″, didn’t get the top plum though, but nevertheless sent many happy hearts fluttering during the pageant with his deliciously good looks and charming ways.  His pageant experience reads:  Ginoong Pilipinas USA 2006- 2nd RU, Maharlikang Pilipino 2006 – 1st RU, and Expressmen Model of the year 2008.  And by the way, that’s Adrian Racho’s butt, too, in the photo above.

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  1. I saw the pageant (at the poolside tent in Sofitel) and I must say there were better looking candidates than him that night.

    The only thing that matters is who gets to work in the fashion industry where modelling is one of the handmaiden for the people running the business.

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