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Yeah they were all yellow! Summer’s definitely not yet over even if the afternoon rains zip and zoom down the metro. The bikini contests are still being organized and planned. There’s still summer’s biggest bikini showdown – the fifth staging of Hataw Super Bodies Bikini Open, where Bryan Soriano [right] and Virgilio Jaboli a.k.a. Mark Daniel Alarcon [3rd runner-up] competed last year. And some event is being crafted and designed in bikini town, with this site playing a role in the process. So there, summer may really come and go but the boys in tiny thongs are here to, uh, hang out.

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  1. RD, I love your blogsite. You have excellent writing skills, a true gift! It’s no surprised if you’ve already made thousands (or even millions) of fans and subscribers worldwide. Comparing yours to the rest of the sites (whose creators definitely need emergency courses in creative writing) is like comparing New York and Timbuktu. Keep up the excellent work. Kudos!

  2. mas bet ko yung moreno… at sobrang bakat ni junjun… JUICE KOHH!!! kung audience lang siguro ako during the event, water water na ako sa bakat niya… GOSH!

  3. can any1 post the # of dis two. typ ko kc silang dalawa. nkkaelya nmn, kaso mukang nalagpag na. pls, papost nmn.

  4. Bryan charged 3,500 for a one night stand. He has an average sized penis and he just lies on bed.

  5. tourism student yan si bryan sa fatima lagro.. nde yan pabooking pero may inuman na nag palabas sya ng kanyang tamod. haha. naughty din sya eh no.. tga fairview pla sya.. dati rati nde sya ganyan kagwapo. ang chubby nya kasi pero ngaun nasponsoran na kasi kaya ayan BONGGA na sya !!!

  6. Nakakairita yung mga baklang palagi na lang bukang-bibig eh “magkano?” “pabooking ba yan?” It shows na hindi kayo makakuha ng lalaki na gamit ay GL… ganda lang! kailangan ba talagang magbayad???? hindi ba pwedeng mag-appreciate ng lalaki na hindi kailangang magbayad? kaya madaming lalaking nagg-gagago sa mga bakla eh dahil sa ganyang attitude!

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