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Jeff is ready

Jeff Luna 89Diversity thrives in this site: we get to see actors, wannabes and models, a smattering of bikini open contestants and some Brazilians. Jeff Luna is blurring the fine line between legit actor and “adult” performer for indie flicks of the salacious kind. These days, Jeff is seen as a regular tv actor on ABS-CBN’s afternoon soaps, which fact deserves a post all his own today.

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    1. yes. lots of bacteria down there and if u lick it it will go to your tummy. imagine – parasites or eggs of parasites alone will leave u going to the doctor not once but twice! lol.

      1. Yes, kadiri talaga..lalo na yung tirahan sa puwet! Ew! Pwede siguro, pisilin o lamutakin, pero no to mouth or genital action with the pwet!

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