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Repost: Carlos Concepcion

Carlos Concepcion is again in the limelight, courtesy of that blog that originally exposed, via hatred for a notorious gay grifter, Manila society’s quirks and quacks.  When Carlos admitted that the risque photos that came out last year were actually him, the issue died a natural death. Now, his name is being dragged into another issue in the mold of the Jojo Veloso scandals ages ago [to the uninformed, Veloso was the talent manager accused of exploiting his male talents big time].  I heart Carlos Concepcion and I would be crushed to hear baaad things about him. To deal rationally with the issue, here’s the link of that account in that blog.
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  1. I Love Him sooooo much. sobrang gwapo nya talaga kahit ahit yung pubes nya! hehehe. you must see him in person sobrang bait pa nya!

  2. ano ba naman itong carlos na ito. nagpahipohipo dn katulad ni hans? sabagay lahat naman yata ng aspiring model nagpapahawak ng paraiso para lang magka break

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