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Christian Cayabyab sizzles

Christian Cayabyab is the tallest member of the new sexy boy-group Cappuccinos. At 6’2″, he towers over the other boys in the pack. He’s a native of Pangasinan province and he has been in male personality and bikini contests for quite some time. The 23-year-old graduate of BS Marketing at the Adamson University was last seen as a finalist in the Mister Philippines International pageant last year. Interestingly, he is not part of the new movie Sagwan where his group is featured.
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  1. Wow Just Found your Blog.
    Talks about Men in the Philippines.
    Amazing. Keep it up.
    I wish others would realize that your Blog is not just to expose the beautiful bodies and good looking faces of those young men, but also you are telling the world that we Filipino’s are Great.

    Keep it up

  2. the fourth of the cappucino boys featured here, so far he has the nicest physique sa nakita ko. can wait for the rest RD, excited for your next entry. ganda ng trailer ng sagwan, it think is a nice movie my dating sya.


  3. mukhang haggard sa pic… pero pwede na, lalaking lalaki. baka kulang lang sa tulog or ngarag during the shoot, baka puyat dahil kakagaling lang sa booking. chos.

    I bid 1500 hams. 🙂

  4. i have a question… they (Cappuccinos) seem to be wearing the same type of underwear. i just hope they are not sharing one undies… he he he

  5. tagal na ni christian sa market. kinarir na nya ang mga bikini contest. and from cavite sya. may mga anak na nga ito. o mga claim na ang mga nakahada sa knya at pa booking naman talaga ang isang ito.

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