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The only question left to ask, after posting this picture of hot hunks: If you were given a chance to choose just one guy from the photo, who would it be and why? Maybe you will pick Paolo Paraiso, hot daddy yet all too yummy. Or maybe the short boyish one, Luis Alandy. There are still others who go for the man-on-the-street appeal of Jay Manalo. Or the hunky former models Christian Vasquez and Reggie Curley. And what’s the name of the chunky one with the buzz cut? Carlo Maceda! The first winner of the annual Mossimo Bikini Summit, most memorable because he appeared then in tight briefs showing off the huge bulge of his penis. I’ll take them all, if you ask me. These Barako Boys of yore.
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  1. ang guston eh yung may pinakamalaking TITI! i dont care about the rest. magaganda ang mga katawan at mga guapo. so i would base mine on PENIS size!

  2. Pinakagusto ko si Christian Vasquez. Siya ang pinakapinapantasya ko sa mga yan. Gusto ko kasi ng hunk na may anak na. At saka balbon sya na super type ko sa lalaki.

  3. Why choose one when they’re all yummy!? I’m no pokpok pero it’s super hot to think of them as ready for me to swallow them all! YUM! Si Reggie Curley ang pinaka-ready sa lahat. Second yummy ang taga-Bacolod. Wow! One of the best pics d2!

  4. Luis–Boyish.

    Haaayyyy si Jay Manalo nakakaawa , for less than 1k makukuha mo na ngayon kaso tumaba na. Dati mahal niyan ..alaga dati ng top honcho ng PLDT.

  5. Except for Christian Vasquez, they all belong to the daddy category.Which is perfectly fine with me.
    I can just imagine making a grand dinner for them in my home, then of course a good gangbang for ending the evening, bukkake style. LOLZ

  6. I would either Jay Manalo or Christian Vasquez. They are my fantasies since then. They made me realize what my preferences are – they virganized me in my dreams. Hahaha

  7. go 4 luis alandy oishi….rd nakabili ako ng video ni will sandejas and froilan moreno title sophomore…ang galing mas longer ang penis ni will paki post naman un screen caps lalo na un humarap cla pareho sa camera d kc ako marunong eh… thanks

  8. it would be reggie curly for me. i am quite sure he’s got the biggest tom.. gawd! you should have seen the penis talks play. he’s got the biggest bulge…

  9. Interested ako kay Jay Manalo for my next visit to Manila this December. Anybody who can help me wo hook up with him during my vacation? Thanks. May reward of course.

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