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Marvin Wijangco Engaging

Spotted: Cute boy Marvin Wijangco in a Filipino resto in posh Greenbelt 5 with his manager and the owner of Bench Body underwear.  Is something cooking at the underwear brand for Marvin, who is not busy at the moment with regular tv shows and soaps?  After his stint at the Manhunt 2008 contest, it seems that the showbiz offers got more scarce for this 5’11”-tall model from Bulacan.  His only regular stint now is a spot on the dippy Coverboys, a sing-and-dance-while-shirtless act on ABS-CBN. 
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  1. oh marvin, just in case you dont have any means of support, i will provide everything for you as long as you will be my bedmate forever (dream on!! hehehe!)

  2. ang sarap naman
    batang-bata kung tingnan

    so smooth and innocent

    halatang malaki at pinkish ung alaga..

    ang bango mo!

  3. Wala na nakuha na ng bench manager owner, papalag pa ba tayo? Yaman na lang ang labanan. Marvin has no regular shows, he has no money. Who has the money gets all the boys.

  4. marvin is such a nice catch…

    kung anu mang i-momodel nya sa bench bibilhin ko!! hahaha

    i like this guy very much…

    i have him in cosmopolitan mag and i also watch him every sundays.

    he also appeared in a serye with ann curtis. i just can’t remeber the title.

  5. I still remember… Nag papataasan kami ng ihi nito. Nung bagogn tuli to, pinakita pa sakin tapos inexplain, masakit daw pag tinitigasan kasi ung sugat daw.

  6. hes not from bulacan, marvin is from mabalacat pampanga and a graduate of Human Resource Management ng College of Saint Benilde. He’s family is very well off in pampanga, his dad is an architect ata un. and feel ko lang di sya papatol sa mga tulad natin kasi mas mayaman pa sya sa atin. they have a house in bel-air, amapola st.

  7. I love you Marvin! He’s a great great person! Met him na in ABS. Sayang wala sya masyado build-up dun. 🙁

  8. love the lips, esp. the lower lip! very suckissable!

    and the brow… and the eyes… whew!



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  10. I agree with “April 29, 2009 2:29 PM”…he’s from Pampanga, from a well-off family (owns a resort, construction business, etc), has a pretty pretty girlfriend…he looks so much better in person too. Very kind and mabait. I was friends with him and his girlfriend before he joined showbiz until we both got busy.

  11. he is from pampanga.. they own this villa antonina resort in baLiti, san fernando.. we are both graduates of don bosco academy (pampanga)
    -edgar estoesta

  12. Wow! Yummy na mayaman pa la tong guy na to…

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