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Justine of Manhunt

His name is Justine and he’s a dancer-entertainer at Manhunt, an all-male theater-bar in Ermita District, Manila. The photo is somewhat dated, probably from early last year, but just the same, it might be of interest to some of the finicky-fussy readers of the site.  He looks quite young, cute and chipper, which factors make for one fine Saturday morning visual treat.
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  1. wow, panalo. rd, saan ang manhunt sa ermita? ang alam ko lang sa timog. this justine made me hard, instantly. hahaha.. PANALO! talagang mas maraming sexy na hindi artista. walang panama si polo ravales na mabaho ang pwet sa pwet ni justine!!! sino ang nakakaalam ng number nya? at saan ang manhunt ermita?

  2. Foundation Day!!! Nevertheless, he’s delectable–especially with his peter quietly peeking out. Please feature more of the Manhunt dancers, RD.

  3. May pagka-Tyron Perez nga.

    By the way, the name Justine with an E is feminine, and therefore given to girls. The male spelling is JUSTIN.

  4. nasa white bird na sya dyan sa baclaran at wala na sya sa manhunt!

    ang tagal na ng pics na yan , nung supot pa c justin dyan ngayon tuli na sya luma na yan!
    naging dyowa yan ni pp, ni jobert sucaldito, nung isa sa magkapatid na salvante,ni harry dacdac,at marami pang nakahala dyan dahil number one na pahala yan!

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