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He’s tall, dark and dark. His name is Dave Velasco, who’s always under the radar in bikini contests and shows. He was the Mr. Physique awardee in last year’s Heatwave Bikini Showdown [won by Kish McBride a.k.a. Julian Kish]. Dave’s a bit attractive and sexy and it helps that he has well-defined muscles to show.
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  1. “A BIT ATTRACTIVE AND SEXY”, you say…that is a big downer. i will vouch for this guy to represent Pinas in the next Mr. Gay International. he is absolutely gorgeous to the nth degree.

  2. i like his eyes, and his color. sexy in a very pinoy way. and i drool over his thighs, and that treasure between his thighs. whew!

  3. modern day david, puwede gawan ng statue as art work para ma-preserve. kc in a few years baka iba na itsura, may tummy na, etc. michaelangelo would have been awed.

  4. Mas gustohin ko pa to kaysa mga insecto o kaya japon na nag babandera dito sa site na eticht. Ito ang tunay na lalaki hindi girly boy, pinoy na pinoy sariling atin kung baga like dart kamboodzia at iba pang moreno ang kulay ng balat. kaka elya basta pinoy! Mabuhay!!!

  5. No. 3 commentator, who said “broke his nose”, lakas ng loob magcomment, e ikaw broke na mukha mo broke parin bulsa mo, tumigil nga kayo mga bakla kung wala kayong masabing maganda keep your malimburnal na mga bibig na manahimik! Pwede tang ina nyo

  6. oo nga parang crooked ang nose nya.
    640 anonymous everybody is free to comment here. who are you, the police?

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