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Shirtless Friday: Diether, Luis and Dennis!

The supposed showbiz scoop for the week was that thirty-two-year-old Diether Ocampo, one of the original ABS-CBN talents, has reportedly inked a four-year contract with rival station GMA 7.  While this has been reported as fact already in major dailies and tabloids, Mr. Ocampo has not yet issued a formal statement. His agency, Star Magic has stated that he still remains a talent, while GMA 7 has also hinted that indeed the charming actor has signed on for the network.  Diether Ocampo deserves to succeed wherever he goes, if you ask me.

On the other hand, Luis Manzano, who accepted recently the gay role in Star Cinema’s A Mother’s Story, is happy with his acting career in ABS-CBN. He’s in the fantasy series Dyosa, plus he’s doing the hero-series Flash Bomba [again, I’m not making this up, and I hope Luis will flash and do bomba] and another still-unnamed show.  Next year, he revealed that he’ll be flying to New York for the shoot of his movie, which reportedly has a kissing scene with his co-actor.

And, as for Dennis Trillo in the GMA 7 backlot, the 27-year-old actor is overjoyed since his prime time series Gagambino is posting record highs in the teevee ratings.  A few months back, many thought that his showbiz career won’t recover anymore due to the negative publicity that shook and stirred his rise to fame.  Now, his series is a big success and he’s getting a lot of acting breaks lately. He says that he has learned his lessons very well and that he’s off from love and sex in favor of his career.  Happy Friday!
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  1. why should i care? this post is misplaced, i read things like this on ricky lo’s column, on the other hand, diether will make a big blunder moving to chan 7. these 2 competing networks do not only cater to filipinos locally but the whole world where chan 2 has an edge. chan 2 can be seen in many parts of the world. chan 7 can’t even compete. these local stars should know the advantage and how these pinoys abroad buy like crazy local dvds and cds and anything they endorse. it is as simple as broadening their horizon and making more money out of their career.

  2. hi rd, dinno so no post na po he he he. it is in fact that diether ocampo pascual is already 36 years old, one year older than marvin agustin at 35. baby faces lang sila.

  3. ed dont start a what can lead to a network supporter flame war… keep your opinion to yourself. If you studied research in college then you would understand what I mean.

    but let me put it here for your convenience.

    Rule no. 8 : “refrain from choosing a controversial topic or which you yourself have extremely strong prejudice. Like “which is better ____ or ____” is not a suitable for such topics…

  4. i don’t understand why many find dennis trillo hot. i have seen him in person and he is short, ordinary-looking. he is a product of media hype.

  5. “Why should I care daw” ang bakla tapos post naman sya ng bonggang bongga. Chaka talaga ang mga ganitong bading na nagmamarunong.

  6. IN SUPPORT OF DENNIS TRILLO…for me Dennis exudes with Pinoy male sensulity. not the tall dark handsome variety but your tipiko pinoy-looking ‘tambay sa kanto’ who would look or stare as you walk by, mimicking “buy me SanMig then let’s go to Sogo.” Pinoys are known to be forgiving when it comes to height. JC DeVera, Janno Gibbs (please, his singing is another story), Ogie Alcasid, Ate Guy, Gloria Arroyo, etc. are all short. but they are accepted by their fan-base nd successful in their own fields…take a closer look at Dennis shirtless. doesn’t he look like a SEXY HAIRY TARANTULA!

  7. O, do i ever miss DYESEBEL…NOwhere have i seen such a daily smorgasbord of beautiful pectoris in 30 minutes when the serial was on. Paolo Ballesteros, Alfred Vargas, Luis Alandy (sorry no Dingdong for moi) are all appetizers before my evening meal…pinch me and tell me there is a sequeal in the making. that will be my early Christmas gift.

  8. diether is nice to look at..but thats it pretty much.

    luis manzano still remains a mystery why he is in showbiz other than nepotismo. his body is nice to look at though but the face???? he is like michael phelps

    dennis trillo – is so caught up in his world that he is the best. even his coffee commercial he had to give intensity 10 for that. geez, get a life!

  9. DIETHER — wherever he goes, his acting is as bas as his hair coloring. Terrible actor. Geez.

    LUIS — not a brilliant actor but his wit more than makes up for it. Funny. Cute. Intelligent.

    DENNIS — used to be an actor who thinks. Now, parang medyo tinatamad, iisa na lang ang hitsura ng acting. Sana mag-isip siya ulit.

  10. juice ko yan namang si diether ay walang K sumikat. all these years chaka pa rin ang acting. katawan nya maganda, i admit. pero ang fez? so-so. kaya lang naman nabigyan ng break dahil nakipagjowa kay manay deo. he’s way past his prime, it’s about time he fades into oblivion.

  11. Wait a minute, Anonymous (November 22, 2008 7:11 PM), you enumerate some vertically-challenged showbiz names, namely, JC DeVera, Janno Gibbs, Ogie Alcasid, and Ate Guy. But why add the despicable cheating, stealing, power-grabbing, corrupt and arrogant Gloria Arroyo! I’ll take any of those showbiz names anytime. Hwag lang ang unanong impostor.

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