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If there is one thing leading-man-of-the-moment Dingdong Dantes has not done yet, it’s the theater. He has proven his hosting and dancing skills, plus he can whip up a thing or two in the acting department [tv and the movies]. He has not yet taken theater, though. Maybe he can do Equus, that play by Peter Shaffer about a young man with a sexual fascination for horses. The most famous guy who played that role was that Harry Potter kid who had scenes where he had to ride a horse, bareback and naked. Now that would be a good start.
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  1. you know the perfect play that would show off dingdong’s schlong? david hare’s the blue room in which nicole kidman and iain glen starred in many years ago. this was produced here many years ago by monique wilson’s theater company yata. i agree, what is dingdong without that buffed up physique? there’s something missing…

  2. even if he’s too old,, he;s still hunk… if he would do that movie, im sure i’ll watch it,,, i would live 2 see him naked…:)

  3. i felt a sigh of relief this morning when i read from PEP that DONG is replacing R.GOMEZ as host of Family Feud, not that butanding Mon Gutierrez nor his pa-cute-cute bro.

  4. yes he is a really nice guy i bumped into him a few years ago @ greenbelt and he is not like the others na maangas.. he’s a nice guy..

  5. sarap.. haha… sarap lamasin nung utong niya… kung ako lang si marian may kantot to sakin araw araw.. haha

  6. yes, the blue room would be a great acting vehicle…i saw the play in NY with iain glen doing the cartwheel in the buff, among others…i’ve also seen the local version of the play starring jamie wilson…

  7. 3rd sexiest men in the world? I don’t even know most of the men in the list. They just needed to have good looking men outside the US. He wasn’t even taken seriously in the countdown. Mas maganda pa nga ang presentation and description sa mga mas naunang binaggit sa countdown. Have seen him in mall shows. Walang dating. Gwapo lang.

  8. what hunk are u talking about.. yes he’s got the height and the right bone size,, but he’s not hunk..thats MAN BOOBS everyones seeing there.and its even retokado.

  9. oo nga rd, what’s happening to your blog? wala na yung oomph. wala na yung anghang. wala na yung excitement. I used to check your blog everyday dahil nakakagana sha. pero ngayon it’s no longer, it’s becoming manila gay guy. wala nang asim, puro kachenesan na lang.

  10. @12:12: well you don’t have to know everyone on the list because the top 25 sexiest men only needs the best of each country. Were you expecting the whole list to be just of hollywood stars? That’s why its called sexiest men in the WORLD. and who would you rather have represent our country? Dingdong is definitely the right choice and the critics and panel are renowned so they have the experienced and eye for real class. I trust their judgement..

  11. Have you seen the show? Wala silang masabing maayos sa kanya. To think he’s supposedly third. Ano ba? ANg mga kasama niya David Beckham, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Tyson beckford, Ryan reynolds, Johnny Depp, Raoul Bova, Enrique Iglesias, Edison Chen, Rodrigo Santoro, Eric Bana. At least kung hindi popular actors known sa mundo, mga international models o naging cover na ng mga international magazines o famous international sports people. Kung wla talaga tayong sikat sa mundo na mas gwapo kay Pacquiao, either indie movie actor na madalas sa mga international filmfest like Coco Martin or kahit si MArco Morales na mahilig sa full frontal. At least there’s something unique and interesting to say sa profile nya.

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