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Mondays with Enrico Mofar

Today is the day when an inner voice tells you to just call in sick and stay in bed.  You know the day. Mondays mean struggling out of bed, making your way to the shower and hurrying off to work.  Don’t you just wish you were in bed all day, lazing around, with no worries? Just like what 28-year-old dance instructor Enrico Mofar is doing. 
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  1. masarap talaga ang mga medyo may laman at taba ng konti.LIKE him a lot. Sana may NUDE PHOTOS ang kahit na sinong member ng MASCULADOS,PAKI POST MAMA1

  2. Taga saan siya? Jaws kong mahabagin. Saan siya makikita? Help naman, please, please.

    Ako si Robinet. Typewriter ko siya. Super mga inday!!!!

  3. E kung ganyan naman ang porma ng makakatabi sa kama, sino pa ba namang kalahi ang babangon?

    Ganda ng korte ng buttocks niya, sarap himurin o kahit na idikit lang ang pisngi ng mukha sa pisngi ng puwet. Hehe.

  4. RD, X-cuse me for being off- line… (again)

    TODAY is celebration time. for the first time gays in California can legally wed. a big leap forward, a milestone victory for the movement and a timely pride gift for gays worldwide…MANILA, could you not be far behind?


  5. enrico, let’s go to california.
    WILL YOU MARRY ME?…arnold s. the governor (sorry i can’t spell the lastname) will be our ninong… ay sarap, gisingin mo nga ako acheng.

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