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In 2005, a then-20-year-old Felipe Flores from Tijuana,Mexico landed in our shores to firm up his modeling resume. The tall long-haired boy landed projects on the runways and tvcs – he became a familiar face in Manila at that time. He left after a year to do other work in Thailand and China. He came back in 2007 and 2008 and he did numerous accounts such as Folded and Hung, Bench, Master Facial Care, Pizza Hut, Hope cigarettes, Kisa Papaya Soap [gasp!] and the most famous Coke Zero giant billboard in EDSA Guadalupe as a centaur. The 24-year-old hunk is now based in Los Angeles as a sought-after model.
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  1. imported meat nanaman. I am so sure all praises na naman ang mga badet dito, how sad talamak pa rin ang colonial mentality satin.

  2. crush ko talaga yang si felipe ever since… gustong gusto ko siya dun sa viva mineral tvc…


  3. eh anong colonial mentality pinagsasabi ng isa dyan? e sa gwapo talaga anong magagawa namin? kesa naman sa panget na local kami magkagusto no!

  4. Paano naman naging colonial mentality? Mag-isip ka nga muna bago ka mag-post, Ate. Nagmumukha kang baklang tanga.

  5. oo nga dapat i-ban ang bakalng yan na nag comment about colonial mentality na hindi naman alam kung ano ibig sabihin nun. baklang mahirap yan! walang pinag aralan at makitid ang isip! che! tanga!

  6. hindi ba si patric hettgetsdddbd (forgot the spelling) yung asawa ni model avi siwa ang nasa red mobile commercial?

  7. Colonial mentality? We are not a colony anymore and we are free to choose what image we want to praise. We are just cosmopolitan minded that we can appreciate both local and foreign talent. And when foreign countries appreciate also our global talents, what mentality they got then? Stop blaming other countries and past events in our history. Yes we can learn from the past but in the end it is within our hands that we make the course of our future.

  8. the first commenter has a point. colonial mentality means pinoys have been brainwashed to appreciate only western standards, especially the facial features and and skin color. why do you think retoke noses and skin whiteners are so popular in this country? 99.9 percent of the time, the western media (TV and print) feature only caucasian models. so the brainwashing contiunues.

  9. rocky salumbides is making it big in signapore… may colonial mentality ba ang mga singaporeans?

    ang iba dito balahura na nga bobo pa.

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