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Jockstrap Dream

Let’s take a short break from the features on the boys next door gone sexy. How about some boy wearing a jockstrap today? That’s Gabriel del Rosario of the defunct sexy group Provoq. Lately, the bikini boys have been seen wearing jockstraps in some competitions. They’re getting bolder and bolder a la Lips Bar. Also, one mainstream newbie was seen in an athletic supporter. And then again that is quite understandable as he’ll do anything to get noticed. Heck, I wouldn’t mind. Bring on the jockstrap boys!
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  1. The rule of the game is becoming bolder – that is the lesser you wear, the more you expose – the more you will get notice.
    Why not just a nude contest for all the world to see the assets that they are boasting for? hehehehehehe

  2. LOL so not safe for work! i went to this site kanina lunch time tapos biglang pwet ang bumungad sa harap ko! waaah! nice one though hahahaha

  3. Anonymous said…
    nice but. . . .

    January 25, 2011 9:43 AM

    –nice but WHAT??.. baka butt! paluin kaya kiya ng BAT!

  4. Anonymous said…
    nice but. . . .

    January 25, 2011 9:43 AM

    –nice but WHAT??.. baka butt! paluin kaya kiya ng BAT!

  5. gabz now works in a bank. or that was what he told me the last time we talked last year. i remember him talking about this pictorial. siya lang ang hindi nagpakita ng kaniyang shaft or balls. ang sagot niya sa tanong ko? “pare, magulang pa ako sa magulang pagdating sa ganiyan, hehehe”

  6. Dr. REY magkano po ba binabayad nyo kay Gabz tuwing hahadain nyo sya? Laila dee po ba sya? Sing and dance? Pls respond.

  7. Pwet ni Rocco? Ewww puro kulugo at peklat! I should know. Nakita ko na dati sa Starstruck days pa nya nung nag OJT ako sa GMA. kadiri yan!

  8. Ang charge nya e 20k noon nasa Provoq pa sya. inferness wala nag complain, mabait kasi at mapagbigay. Ewan ko lang ngayon kung pabook pa. tanungin nyo kay Dr. RS!

  9. naku naman mga girls nagpapahalata naman kayo ng kamaniakan kita lang ang pwet naelya na agad kayo!!! na zoom nyo nb ang picture! ang dumi naman ng backstage!!! nakaka elya ba yan? sabihin nyo naman kakainin ko rin kung nasa harapan ko na!!! sa inyo nalang.

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