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The question on whether Gabriel “Gabz” del Rosario shaves or not has been answered. He does, of course. Big time. The rich lather of shaving foam on his crotch looks sexy enough without revealing his jewels. Imagine a depilated one down there. Anyhow, Gabz has not been making himself available lately. After his Climax magazine exposure [the one with Will] and the Kambyo flick, he has disappeared from the limelight. Anyone with news about our dear Gabz?
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  1. Dios ko Day! ano bang klaseng drama ito? pati bulbul may shaving cream na, I hope he won’t regret it kung makita nya picture na ito 20 yrs. from now. ano nalang kayang sabihin ng mga anak o apo nya later on. Sus ginoo!

  2. di sya nakapasa sa macau. (RD, mahilig ka talaga mag ilusyon sa mahal mong si Johnron kaya mga kabatch nya na naman ang pinifeature mo). No projects except for one indie film entitled “Taas-Noo” (with double connotation) by Monti Parungao, the hottest director of trashy-gay-indie-flicks. for sure the director will exploit him knowing he needs the money terribly.

  3. in civilized countries they use shaving creams instead of doing it bare or water lubed only. In fact kung nagbabasa kayo ng shaving techniques kahit sa net ay matagal ng tip yan. Wag pakainutil ok?

  4. “that i looked my best during my twenties.” yun ang sasabihin ni gab sa mg anak at apo nya. don’t be so uptight! chos!

  5. gabz is now working in the corporate industry. i just can’t name the bank where he is right now as per his request na din. am quite happy for him cuz he was able to find a stable quiet career despit his “exposures”. of course the exchange there, according to him, is that the pay is not as big as what he would usually get.

    knowing, he would be happier with a lower pay considering the obvious — he has no guts to do frontal exposures which is now the next level of male sexiness competition.

  6. tingniu ng mabute..
    prang nakbakat ung head nia
    s may cream..
    at s lower part,
    prang wlang cream ung balls nia..

  7. ang hot naman ni Papa gabriel ko. Sana mtikman din kita gaya ng pagkuha sa yo lagi ni Dr. Rey Salinel. Haaay

  8. sa dami ba naman kasi ng mga hubadero ngayon na nag-aagawan sa atensyon ng sangkabadingan, mapapagiwanan talaga sila. people are always looking for fresh meat kung baga. at least nakahanap sha ng matinong trabaho, unlike yung other Viva Hot Men na members pa rin ng Cedric Javier Boogaloo Agency.

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