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Geoff breezy on top

The stint of Geoff Briz [Geoff Rodriguez in the Philippines] in the The Amazing Race Asia [TARA] – Season 3 has paved the way for more projects for this Filipino-French-Scottish male model in Manila. Many thought that his career was over in this part of the region after his sing-and-dance boy-group, the Powerboys, disbanded a few years back. The modeling offers got scarce and he just hied off to the island of Boracay most of the time to while away his precious time. After a runner-up finish at TARA, however, Geoff Briz seems to be on track again with his modeling career. He may be a bit older now but he still has not lost that boyish charm and lean bod to make it as a top model, if you ask me.
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  1. gwapo parin siya in fairness…nassan na kaya yung ibang kasama niya….they were all freakin hot…………

  2. Sana nga meron siyang mas maraming projects. Sexy pa rin siya, pero pwede rin mag bulk up a little from his time on TARA 😀

  3. Eh akala ko ko ba Fil-Aussie sya accdg sa isang Metro Magazine I used to have way way back 2006.

    Hay naku dear. To think that “they” only have their brains as a display makes it so ironic that they are able to trace the nationalities of their genealogy.

    Heto pa, laging European/ Latino/ Any-super-power-hip-trendy country lang ang lalabas sa mga Fil (slash)ek-ek (slash) eklavuh nila.

    Pustahan, walang maglalagay ng ganito rito: Fil/ Bengali/ Kazakh/ Aruban/ Martian.

    Now, sino nga pala yung galing TARA rin na alam na alam yung genealogy nya. Funny, dapat naging hot rocket scientist na lang sya.

    Peace out!!

  4. I don’t think he has a drop of Filipino blood in him. Publicists just say so to sell him.

    But yeah, he’s hot nevertheless. He’s even hotter in person and IMHO better looking than his “best friend” Marc Nelson.

    I wonder were the rest of the PowerBoys are. Only him and Frank are visible nowadays. They each have different appeals, but they make me horny all the time.

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