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Dream Cast Update

A few days ago there’s this post about a new movie with a dream cast consisting of the Johnron, Jude Marco and Harry Chua [in photo]. The movie, which will be independently produced by a flush-and-gilded friend of the three sexy boys, will be shot in Macau, Hong Kong and Manila. Yet, as with other movie projects, birth pains are showing. Although he is the top choice for one of the lead roles, Harry was asked to lose weight fast, as his girth now is three times that of his Parola days. Jude Marco and the Johnron, on the other hand, could not yet fix their respective vacation schedules. As top earners of the Macau establishment where they work, they were initially not allowed to file for leave of absence at the same time. And then again, there’s always a pleasant solution to every problem. Hopefully, these matters will be settled soon enough for the eventual shooting of the movie.
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  1. kahit si harry na lang ang actor dyan, okay lang at panunorin ko pa. pag isinama ang magjowang juday at jonron, di ko panunuorin at baka maalibadbaran lang ako. mas angat naman si harry at lalaking lalaki kesa sa 2 bading na magjowa diba?

  2. Sana talaga mag-work out na uli siya. 🙂 Kung magkakaroon lang ng then and now comparison, I hope he will see the big difference.

    When he did Parola, he became every Pinoy gay’s fantasy. Harry became the original frontal nudity king of the local indie films industry. He showed his dick, in flaccid and erect state, at least 7 times in that monumental film. And who would ever forget that scene where he was just wearing “butas na brief”? Harry in those bacon-gartered whities still evokes “kilig to the bones” feeling to his adoring fans.

    Harry can still regain his old fame. We still adore his glorious nakedness and the boyish yet virile charm. Hindi pa huli ang lahat.

    Your fans will wait for your bold return, Harry. We are ready to hail you as the Joe d’Allesandro of the Philippines.

    Di hamak namang mas papalicious ka kesa kay Marco Morales at Cappuccino Boys.

  3. Sad to say….walang balak bumalik ng showbiz si harry…..this is just a publicity stint by some people in Macau….I happen to be the one who took the picture of Harry with Johnron and JM in Macau….(using somebody’s camera) we were just visiting Johnron at DD3 that night…..for some reason it ended up here, not that i have anything against this blogsite, but somehow the circumstances were twisted….

    to all you people who happens to love harry like i do….thank you…

    to those who have no idea of the kind of person harry is….you wouldnt be saying those things if you only knew half the person he is….

  4. Tumpak mga ateh. Sino ba si harry, jude at johnron? Bakit dream cast daw? Ultimate crushes cguro silang tatlo ni RD? Wanna bet? But for me wala me pakialam kung ilang movie pa gawin ng tatlo.Chukchak tienes sila…

  5. 50-50?

    Nagkagulo daw at Pinigilan si Johnron ng Viva to do Indie Movie, With Harry and Jude Marco, due sa mga Isyo na kinaharap nya ngayon. na may Relasyon daw sila ng
    Co- Model/ Actor na si
    Jude Marco Sypongco.
    Na dito sa Blog site na unang lumabas.

  6. kayo talaga pati si RD kinakatalo nyo nakikinabang naman kayo sa site na ito. haaaay ano ba yan. napaka nega at mukhang suklam sa mundo …

  7. i agree with you. kung minsan ang mga bakla eh walang utang na loob. palagi nlang may mga comments. am sure hindi naman sila lahat kagandahan. hay mga bading kayo tayo isinumpa eh.

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