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Harry leaves

Harry Chua aka Harry Laurel of Parola has apparently left showbiz to become an overseas Filipino worker [OFW] in Macau. This confirms earlier reports that cutesy Mr. Chua has gone to Asia’s gambling capital to look for greener pastures. Remember the Johnron blabbing about it earlier in one of the posts? All the while, I thought he just went to Macau for a trip. Here’s hoping the adorable cub comes back and makes movies and does photo shoots again. Like the one above, of course.
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  1. RD, YOU BEAT ME AGAIN…i was contemplating commenting on ayer’s post that Matthew Belino could only be surpassed (in eroticism level) by perennial ever cute HARRY CHUA…and surprise, surprise, here he is, all BALLSY and ASSY, as sweet as kumquat marmalade…perusing thru the mountain of memories he left for us to enjoy, for sure i would nurse a broken heart on his premature departure for a long, long time…GOOD LUCK HARRY dear, WE WILL MISS YOU MUCHO.

  2. Kailangan ba ng visa para pumunta sa Macau? Saan kaya nagwo-work? Gusto ko siyang puntahan at aliwin. I am sure, malungkot ang buhay ng OFW sa ibang bansa. Baka mahulog ang loob niya saken. (Ruben)

  3. let’s ask where in macau. though i know there are clubs there were filipinos are being hired to do ledge dancing while shirtless. ang problema lang, only women ar allowed to enter. ask nga kung doon siya. lakas daw ng bayad sa clubs na iyon.

  4. OFW Bagong bayani ka Harry. Im sorry you had to leave to work. You have the face and body to be in showbiz but your accent is your biggest handicap unless you are a comedian or the likes of Sam Milby. Don’t worry sa mga bakla panalo ka pa din. Makakalimutan ba nila yung pinakita mo sa Parola?

  5. To anonymous aug 20 8:47,

    I dont think you need a visa, from hongkong you can take a ferry to take you to macau mga 1 hour lang ata but you have to show them your passport at the port, from there you can walk around macau…parang las vegas, madaming pinoy at sana makasulubong mo si harry.

  6. I saw him on Robin P.,Ai-Ai movie. They played a bumbero there.His body is the worst of the guys there.Mataba na nga sya as Johnron told before.but Johnron emerges the hunkiest of them all.

  7. AAAHHH!!! now i connect 1+1 bakit ang isa sa pillars ng Parola nagpunta recently sa H.K., which is the gateway to Macau. well, aside from his alleged business and personal reasons, MAYBE nag side (o sex) trip ang acheng to Macau to see Harry ‘ol flame…why not? for all the tea in China, I’LL DO THE SAME.

  8. oh, bartender at wynn? madali siya ma-hunt down. invite ko na lang siya sa hotel room ko and there, we will make love!!

  9. naalala ko tuloy rd yung magkapatong sila ni justine sa parola movie na kita rin ang itlog nilang parehas nakakael…..

  10. anonymous aug 20, 5:41 PM,

    don’t forget to bring a lot of $$$ or all your credit cards. global na si Harry. sabi nga ng tiya ko noong nagpunta kami sa H.K. “buti ka pa ang $ mo + ang peso ko – “. if i were you, i’ll settle for Mimoy. may balls din naman siya, chos. payong kafatid lamang po.

  11. RD masarap mag counter comment sa ibang tao dito na ambisyosa kaya lang it is just a hassle to do it, i wish you could do something to make it easier to for someone to reply on someone’s comment. suggestion lang.

  12. mga bading nga naman maniac hahahahaha

    siguro mas mabuti na ang ginawa ni harry na nag work sa malinis na paraan, kaya lang nakow siguraong pag pipiyestahan sya ng kabadingan don… sarap talaga nya…

  13. Harry Chua du har fine kropp.Hvordar du klarer og ta av din klær in da movie.Fra derictor til srifwriter de gjøre god jobb, jeg håper de skal lage mye film.Til derictor lykketil. Igjen harry jeg elsker deg.Halunke of Norge

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