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What’s the latest on Harry?

I know I just posted an entry last Friday about one of my favorite guys, but read the thread of comments and there’s something going on in the life of Harry Chua.  Just when everyone thinks that Harry is in Macau as an OFW earning big bucks, here comes some back-fence talk that he lived in Pok Liu in Hong Kong with a Filipino architect, that he actually didn’t work but just lazed around in the island, that he is now back in Bicol province with his wife, and that he got fat. Horrors! There’s some part inside me that won’t attach too much weight on this matter. But then again, I’m also curious about this, so please any first-hand factual info guys? 
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  1. as i’ve already said… proof muna… no matter who will say it out loud without hard evidence, no rumor can ever go to mainstream news…

  2. i saw someone who looks very much like him in singapore. although his height is around 5’6″ to 5’7″. he’s with a cute filipina girl.

  3. Facts:He visited a friend in Macau together with Prince Stefan and a certain Rupert (a gay handler)
    He DID NOT work in Macau. They went to HK. This friend introduce Harry to Bong (a rich gay architect).He stayed with Bong in HK.

  4. As I have said Bong is the former boyfriend, they already split up and Harry is back in Bicol with his wife. They split up because of financial reasons. Bong didn’t want to support the wife….

  5. hay watever HK or Macau…RD..paki post po ng mga pics ni harry sa frontman mag, kasi wala sa amin yan dito… pleezz….

  6. i’ve been collecting pictures of harry chua even before parola was being shoot. i like him so much. his face is so fresh on pictures. i envy his fresh look and his flawless skin.

  7. i know where harry is, he is still in the Philippines, he is not an OFW in Macau and he never was an OFW in Macau. He is still sexy contrary to rumors that he is fat. He went to Hong Kong as a tourist some months ago but he did not stay in Hong Kong very long. He is still active in doing pictorials in Manila.

  8. im a bicolano and i know him, i saw him 3 days ago at the mall with her fat wife.. he’s not that gorgeous nemore..

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