Hot Men in the Philippines


And the winner of the Underwear Model With The Biggest Bulge Contest is Brazilian Hideo Muraoka for Folded & Hung! The 21-year-old model from Sao Paulo is not actually coy and conscious posing for the local brand’s briefs and boxers line. His posters and billboards in the metro have become traffic hazard for the audacious display of tight muscles and puffed out bumps in tight briefs.
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  1. nice post rd! i keep wondering where you get all these new Hideo undie shots since they’re not on the f&h site? not that i’m one to complain.

    if you got some more stashed Hideo undie shots by all means open the floodgates for all to see.

    Hideo is one gorgeous creature.

  2. ay, sana parang skimpy undies na lang. ang ayaw ko sa ganito, all you get to see is a basket of balls. sana more VPL. choosy! harhar.

  3. nakita niyo ba ung bench picture ni jake cuenca sa edsa magalanez? nka brief lang ciya.. ayun tinagal na.. wla pa atang 1 week un..

  4. I know it seems unrelated but someone posted about the Jake Cuenca billboard here … my friends were raving about it. gay and straightfolk alike were in awe. too bad they took it down. Hideo can be a replacement. *hint hint*

    rd, any chance you can post that Jake Cuenca billboard that never again saw the light of day? heard in one forum that the launch of that new Bench campaign happens this Feb. can any1 confirm?

    more Jake! and definitely more HIDEO!!!

  5. ay, oo nga… pasaytsung naman RD nung bench pic ni jake cuenca na bago kung meron ka. na-curious tuloy ang becky dahil sa comments nila.

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