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Jay Tonight

Don’t forget tonight – Pikit Mata [Blind Submission] will be screened at the CCP Tanghalang Huseng Batute at 9 p.m. The movie is the true-to-life story of two brothers – one of them is Jay Austria [in photo] – born to poor parents [the mother is portrayed by Nadia Montenegro]. The brothers are male prostitutes in the movie. According to the PR, it is titled pikit mata because all of them, including the parents, turn a blind eye to what their sons do in the flesh trade in the community. The title also refers to the sex scenes, where the brothers close their eyes while they are in inner pain or exploitation.”
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  1. ok, bibigyan ko ng character role ang boylet n to sa tv station koh!!

    Ang inyong KAFATID,
    Manay Pangilinan

  2. Kaloka ang photoshop. Sobrang nablur naman yata ang isang ‘to.

    Lume-level lang kay Ate Vi from The Healing? Bwahahaha

  3. Kilalang kilala ko yan, mula ulo mukhang paa. Hes a user manggagamit social climber. Gagawin lahat ng kaimoralan para lang sumikat. I pitty him, kawawa din yung mga taong ginamit lng nya. Jeffrey Dolotina.

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