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Bayaw caps

These are screenshots from the new movie Bayaw starring Paolo, Janvier and Andrew Miguel. The movie’s amusing catchphrase is “brothers-in-law become brothers outlaw.” Whatever that means, I’m guessing it literally conveys it’s a prison movie where the guys are nekkid in the showers and there’s a rape scene somewhere. Of course, this one’s a dramatic movie, which looks more like a tragedy, but one of the better highlights, if you ask me, would have to be the scene where Paolo does a frontal nudity scene [see topmost photo, right]. That is, if the MTRCB will not get in the way in this exhibition entry at the 2009 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and Competition, which will be held this July.
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  1. sa wakas makikita ko na din pinakatago tago ni Papa Paolo! sana naman hindi ma cut! saw the trailer na ha sa YouTube

  2. Hindi saklaw ng MTCRB ang CCP so watch na kayo not only this movie but as well as the other movies na included sa CineMALAYA. Tickets for the festival will be available by next week.

  3. teka, si janvier ba may frontal din dito? at si andrew miguel? sana naman magpakita na para next set of guys na naman magpapakita ng kwan!

  4. See you at the CineMALAYA Independent Film Festival on July 16 – 23, 2009. Films like Quicktrip and Showboyz from Sinehang Digitales and Little Boy / Big Boy of Viva Digital will be part of the exhibition section.

  5. more caps please. type ko si janvier lakas ng sex appeal kasi mukha syang addict parang masarap nya sa kama … hehehe

    may update po ba kayo sa SAGWAN me labas na bang dvd

  6. interesting movie….i will defntly watch this coz my bf is here..hindi xa kasama sa lead roles but hes one of the cast here here….he has some offers ryt now so wait for his 1st indie movie..hehehe

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