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Jay Aquitania in Padyak

There’s an amazing transformation and it’s going to make producers take notice. I’m referring to teen actor Jay Aquitania, who’s getting known for sensitive portrayals of complex teen-angsty characters. The 19-year-old actor, who is getting trim and toned, will be seen next as the lead actor in Padyak. He’s a pedicab driver who unknowingly affects the people in his community.  The movie is directed by Aloy Adlawan from his Palanca award-winning screenplay of the same title.  This is not a gay movie but some scenes are actually not suitable for children, e.g. Jay Aquitania nekkid.  Padyak will be shown in February. Details to follow.
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  1. wow this boy looks intense,smoldering looks and looks like he has developed his body since you last posted him,hope you post more of him soon,thank you Mr. RD…elmer

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