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Introducing Jed Jalandoni

Twenty-one-year-old student and kart racing driver Jed Jalandoni likes cars over girls.  In an interview with teen magazine Chalk as one of the Boys of Summer, he was asked to choose between cars and girls and he chose the former because “well, I love cars, period.”  Too, the Mechanical Engineering major at the De La Salle University loves the opera and into art.  In the interview, he revealed that he loves his freedom in Manila as a college student [he is originally from Bacolod City]: “I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do. I kind of live in freedom. It’s awesome. Just as long as you don’t do anything stupid, right?”  Right.  A year ago, there was a video of Jed Jalandoni uploaded on the web – he was stroking the salami.
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  1. Highly doubtful that’s him in the video. He was a former classmate at the Ateneo (he spent his freshman year there) and he was about as old money as could be (he used to drive a BMW convertible). I’m surprised that he remained as skinny as he did three years ago, though.

  2. ano ba toh rd, nagiging patweetums na ang site moh lately huh! from being ala playgirl, nagiging ala seventeen na!!!! kalokah!

  3. Damn, i went to high school with this guy. Never thought he’d turn up like that. He was even skinnier then.

  4. oh jed is from csb na.. classmate kami nyan dati.. i remember one time sabay kami nag cr nyan.. nakita ko na p*** nyan! sleeping mode! haha! he isnt maarte.. wheres that video??? stroking salami?? hahaha! post the link//

  5. I saw that video posted sa site ng pinoy watch blog last year but now d na open ang blog for everyone to see..and JED’s video was the reason dahil madaming BAKLANG MORALISTA ang nag comment against the blogger.He was captured on cam doing nasty thing.Lucky i got a chance to record it .

  6. Dinadala na lang niya sa pagkaloko sa coche ang isang malinaw na katotohanan: Ayaw niya sa girls. Hindi iyan masama. At least matapang niyang inaming mas gusto niya ang coche kaysa sa buhay na katauhang pwedeng magdulot sa kanya ng makamundong sarap–ang babae. Hurray for his honesty and devil-may-care attitude.

  7. haha.. he’s my second cousin.. well he really is good looking up close.. payat lng talaga.. he looks better than his brother though.. may vid pala sya? pahingi.. lol

  8. the jalandoni’s are indeed old richy familia back home. hmmmm, i get to know some oh his cousins back in la salle bacolod. they are bunch of hoties indeed.pero tahimik lang sila. but i bet, the salami wanking vidz will make him even more hot. link pls wag madamot hehehe

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