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One of the well-known rules of bikini contests is that smaller swimwear [or briefs] means bigger chances of winning the top prize. Of course, an appealing face and toned bod are deal breakers, too. But nothing beats close-fitting undies in competitions where all the men are scoring equally well in the face and body department. The guy in, uh, constricted bikini is Ramon “JM” Layson, Jr., a 5’10”-tall Masbate province native who’s trying his luck in the metro’s [underwear] modeling scene.
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  1. “an appealing face and, toned bod are deal breakers”

    RD, you forgot to mention the most important critereon, WILLING DEMEANOUR.

  2. tsalap tsalap to the max! ang sarap nito parang naaamoy amoy ko at nalalanghap ang kanyang pride chicken! haaayyy! gustong kong Masbate! gusto kong Masbate! gusto kong Magbate!

  3. Suplado ito, hindi nakikipagkaibigan sa mga bakla . Di din pahada. Sumali lang sa mga bikini contest for the money. Chaka.

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