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Joem Absent

Bristly-bushy actor Joem Bascon was absent at the annual Cosmo party held the other day. No official explanation was given although his nonappearance could have been due to work, heavy work. Wait. He has work? Anyhow, the show went well. It would have been better if he’s there to show his hairy legs, furry chest and unshaven face.
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  1. Tingin ko pinagbawalan sya ng gf nya ngayong si meryl soriano, para masolo nya ang pagtingin sa hotdog ni joem. Or, napuyat sya sa walang humpay na kalabit ni meryl the night before, naging haggard at di na pumunta. hahaha

  2. wala ba siya? ay di naman nahalata. in fact, nakabuti pa ata. di siya karapatdapat rumampa dun maski pa sinasabing bumaba na ang standards ng cosmo ngayon.

  3. Joem is one of the more serious actors today and he should not ruin his chances at stardom by affiliating with persons who can bring him down.

  4. can anyone tell me what is wrong with the shape of this guy’s face? there is just something in the shape of his face that somehow makes him unattractive for me.

    ewan ko, basta, wala talagang dating si joem sa akin. sorry sa mga admirers niya. i respect your opinion and tastes, di ko sinasabing mali o pangit ang mga tastes niyo pero he just does not ring a bell to me.

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