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Hail, hail, the gang’s all here! The boys of the straight-to-video gay flick M2M4 EXXXXTREME [The Ultimate Guide to Sensational Sex] are all posing and primping together. Say, if you were given the chance to choose among the guys, who would it be and why?  Remember, it’s just a freebie and a night. Will you get the hustlers or the innocent-looking boy? The hot guy or the hunky veteran?  Lots of choices, difficult decision. 
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  1. No choice aketch. Mukhang mababantot na kasi silang lahat. Parang lahat ng pwet ng kabadingan sa pilinas eh napasok na nila.

  2. I should be excited because I’m gay and it’s expected for gays like me to jump up and down whenever I see naked men on video.

    But I’d rather not. There’s nothing exciting about these men. No talent, I’m sorry. Ordinary bodies. I’ve seen better toned tricycle drivers. Merely a last ditch effort to revive their disintegrating careers, if they ever had one.

    I say this with truth… nakakaawa naman talaga sila. Tama na ang ganitong mga palabas. At kung gagawa man sila ng M2M video — gawin na ng todo. Wala nang arte. Wala na ngang reputasyon na inaalagaan, ang dami pang kiyeme.

  3. Anonymous – March 24 1:42PM
    “There’s nothing exciting about these men. No talent, I’m sorry. Ordinary bodies. I’ve seen better toned tricycle drivers.”

    Amen!! and still they charge 3k-7k per booking their smelly cocks and flabs… when i can get a lean/toned/handsome schoolmates for free, or at least a snack

  4. Type ko silang lahat bagamat tatlo pa lang ang natikman ko sa grupong ito. Lahat naman ng ito ay nagpapabayad basta di lang bulgar at maayos ang approach.

  5. yeah tama talaga ang chachak na nga, et ang tataba pa pweh!

    ive seen better toned drivers and even janitors in our workplace and theyre cute pa..

    talaga nagchacharge sila ng 3-7k per booking? KAPAL!!!! bat kaya di na lang sila magbunot ng balat …palibhasa mga tamad kaya pachupa lang gustong hanapbuhay…

    and they have the gull to sell their flabby fats for 3-7k? how very kapal pweh!!

  6. susmaryosep, wala ako makitang quality sa looks ng cast na ito. ano nangyari sa caster ng show na ito?

  7. susmaryosep wala din akong makkitang quality sa mga comments dito.

    jows mio. mga santo ba ang narito? o mga rich and famous kaya? o simpleng buraot na bading lng?

  8. Puro kayo pintas ng pintas . Pag ibinigay sa iyo itong mga hubadero ng libre sigurado pipila din kayo. Hay naku mga bakla, hindi talaga makuha yung ugaling EPOKRITA…

  9. kahit isaksak sa pagmumukha ko ang mga titi ng mga yan di ko makakayang isupsup…what with all the flabs and taba naku baka imbes tamod ang lumabas sa tit ng mga yan eh taba at cholesterol

    jows mio…di porke nagcocoment dito ng di maganda eh purita ….we have better taste than those ugly fat lazy insects of our societiy…

  10. I read the comment section of this blog just to laugh & wonder at all the posters. Ang dadaming palengkera at mapanglait, maybe its due to the anonymity of the internet, plus the mob mentality. I think most of these posters have a weird case of Narcissus Complex. I agree with one of the posters, in real life, when its given to you for free, sigurado ako tatanggapin ninyo – hey its free.

    Also, pakiramdam ko Mr. RD, iisa lang ang nag-popost ng mga hate comments dito, yung syntax ng mga various comments eh parang galing sa iisang tao.

    Anyway nice to think about the statement of “what if”, even though it won’t happen in this world, because in this case, some people’s ego have a price tag attached to it(most boytoys here in the Phils).

    Keep this blog up, eye candy is that “EYE CANDY”

    Thanks again RD

  11. free ba kamo? eeww… no thanks, i’ll pass. kung papatayin aketch kung di ako pumili… si cedric na lang kasi sya pinak brusko. pwde na sana yung isa kasi fresh face kaso mas malambot pa sakin! wala akong balak maging TOP noh!!!!!

  12. i have to agree with somwerbtwnblungrn. i do not understand how viewers of this site are suddenly too pretty, too prudent, or have too discriminating tastes for the featured models/actors. siguro beauty titlists kayong lahat, but i’m just a plain gay man.

    there used to be a time when i would go to this site for the comments as much as for the pictures – they were just plain hilarious, or had a bit of wit to them.

    and to answer the question: paolo rivero. and for free? hell, yeah… salamat, rd.

  13. for free kamo? eeww!

    well there are people who are freeloaders..but not me kahit isaksak pa yan sa akin …thanks, but no inyo na lang…ang babaho kaya ng mga titi at burat ng mga yan lahat na yata ng bading eh nakatikim na dyan, eeeww how dirty and so baboy of you freeloaders!

  14. i had the opportunity to have sex with two of them, cedric and kristofer king. between them, i’d go for cedric though he was overweight at that time. kris king has a long flabby bird, but i dont go for lean and slim guys. he’s got this peculiarly foul smell. he’s a nice company though. john miller? i would like to try him, how much is he? paolo rivero, hmmm, i prefer him over john miller. he looks mature and decent enough to be a sexmate. he must be a serious lover too. seff posadas, forget it.




    GO PA RIN AKO!!!




  16. saw the dvd. it’s not a total blast but i am not totally disappointed either. It has its good moments.

    paolo is the narrator. not really much to that. there are 2 pairs, one is that of kris and seff posadas, the other one being john miller and cedric Javier. For all those scenes involving john and cedric, i thank fast forward function of my remote. there they are cavorting in the nude and yet there is zero intimacy. They are touching each other yet you don’t feel like they are touching each other. No chemistry whatsoever and you know it’s really work for them. Adding insult to injury are those VERY unflattering love handles. excuse my description but in one scene, cedric looked like a cow on top of john. argh!

    the tandem of kris and seff is something else. scorching hot! they seem totally into it. you feel not only the physical contact but also the emotional dimension. both have frontal nudity scenes and you see seff’s hands and lips actually touching kris’ cock! KAKALIBOG!

    For me the dvd would have been much, much better if all the scenes john and cedric were deleted and scenes of kris and see increased and even pumped up.

    as it is i still enjoyed the dvd.

  17. Si Seff at John ang di ko pa natitikman dito. Type ko si Seff pero si John inyo na. Si Ced ang pinakasanay sa lahat.

  18. eh kapag pumatong naman talaga si cedric sa iyo , para kang pinatungan ng malaking baka sa bigat at laki eh! kadiri….

  19. c kristofer king ay laging gumigimik kasama ang isang guy na may kar na puti Ano nya kya un? Lagi cla sa malls

  20. To Anonymous March 27, 2009 5:41 PM

    Ibig mong sabihin natikman mo na rin si Paolo Rivero? How is it?

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