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Waiting for Kambyo + mail from Cris Pablo

My weekend is set. Saturday will have to be my Kambyo day. Which means, I’m reminding you, too, guys, that this Saturday July 5 the premiere night of the movie Kambyo will be held at the UP Film Institute. Tickets will be sold, according to Lex, at the gate a few hours before the screening. Plus the actors will be there for a meet and greet. Plus, to the Lex Bonife-stalker out there, the screenwriter – who is single – will be there too, together with the director, Jay Altarejos.

Director Crisaldo Pablo wrote to correct the previous entry on the magaling na theater actor [quote: the Johnron] Rayan Dulay. Here’s the email of the wonderful director: Hi there! How are you? This is with regard to your write up on Ray-An Dulay. There was an error. He did not appear in my movie duda/doubt. I discovered Ray-An when he was a teener student at University of the East. We were almost giving up on finding the cute innocent-faced twink to pair with Jet Alcantara. Then on the last hour of the audition he arrived and showed us a very sweet smile and that was it. Ray-An’s indie movies were always a hit: “Bathhouse”, “Moreno”, “Retaso” and he appeared in other movies like “Pitong Dalagita”, “Metlogs” and will appear as lead not only in “Kambyo” but in “S.E.B. : Cyber Game of Love” as an OFW who comes to Manila to eyeball his one year on line girlfriend whom he suspects to be a boy. Thanks and more power.

Interesting, this Ray-An Dulay. I’m not so sure now how to spell his name but just the same, here’ s one really talented actor. Some feedback from the movie: apparently, Rayan had a scene with the Johnron in Kambyo where both had frontal nudity. And, according to one movie scribe, while Rayan had no qualms about letting it all hang out in his scenes, the Johnron was rather too sheepish about the whole frontal thing. Note that in the previous photos and videos of the Johnron, he never did the full monty. So, let’s understand how he’s feeling and watch this movie on Saturday to see how that scene really went.

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  1. I’ve been spending anxious nights waiting for this movie. Johnron’s frontal scene or none is fine. There’s more to this movie than seeing ’em actors in what we wanna see. Lex and Jay collaboration is always worthy and pleasant to see. But Johnron is really a big plus for me because I LIKE him. Johnron has nothing to worry about because many good actors locally have done it in the past. Johnron if you will show professionalism with your work and improve your acting ability (try acting workshops)then you’ll go places. Additionally, you have a growing fan base you can bank on. Count me in.

    Ray-an I thought was very good in the movie Bathhouse for a novice like him. Good acting there! Ang ganda ang pwet nya ha! Hehehehe!

    See you guys, but I prefer to be incognito! It will be akward to introduce myself as Ed from RD blogspot. I’ll be terrifed too to approach Lex and say to him, I like you too!

  2. “walang manya-nyare” (pgma-styling) kahit maghubot hubat c jonron. look at maico eduria (a.k.a. josh ivan morales). after that mega exposure of his genitals, did star magic or gma talent management offer him any contract? i doubt if viva will cast him (or even jonron) in any of their mainstream flicks. they are just being used to cater an audience (i.e. gay) that is hungry for frontal erect male nudity. these actor-wannabes just lack that X-factor that stars like piolo pascual and sam milby possess. in short, hanggang gay genre films na lang ang mga boylets na ito. buhuhuhuhuhu.

  3. sana naman di ma exploit nang husto si johnron, he’s got the potential in and out. watching him in his naked glory is a plus. but he has a future to look forward to hindi lang laging tinitiwangwang ang nasa gitna ng hita niya just to be recognized. johnron just keep your best in every project offered to you, thats the only way to survive in showbiz, wag kalang pasasamantala sa mga baklang nasa paligid mo

  4. rd..hindi ako stalker ni Lex,ha..Type ko siya dahil sa kaniyang brains, at beauty na rin. Im glad he is not yet taken..anyways, sana nandiyan ako sa pinas ngayon para mapanood ko movie at ma-meet siya ng personal..ano ba email ad niya?..thanks..ECL/Los Angeles

  5. hahaha! This post is funny. Wala naman akong stalker 🙂 Too bad, I was not able to make it to the premiere last July 5. I have not even seen the film as well 🙂

  6. ang chaka nung film. sayang lang ang pera ko!!!! typical pito pito na dapat ata straight to video na lang. mas nakakadisappoint pa kung iisipin na this came from the same people responsible for both parola and lihim ni antonio. dapat dinamihan na lang ang exposure ng notaries para kahit papano may nakuha ang audience.

  7. hi lex. it’s so strange na hindi ka nanood ng kambyo premiere. it seems wala yung same passion na meron ka before with parola and lihim ni antonio. parang may problem somewhere? and parang wala masyadong reviews ng kambyo after the premiere. what happened?

  8. ano naman pinagsasabi nitong isang tong typical pito pito, bakit ang PILA BALDE NI jeff iturian pito pito, ang PAG IBIG NA NGA KAYa , the same director pito pito rin, ikaw na bakla ka huwag ka nga comment ng comment na di mo alam ang sinasabi mo! ang sabihin mo d mo nagustuhan dahil walang titing ibinuyanyang at wala kang nakitang titing chinuchupa at pwet na pinapasok na notA , yun yun! YUN jonhron talaga dyusko dai, walang future sa pag arte, flat na flat at walang ka emo emo in short bobolino delayuka at pang kama lang!

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