Hot Men in the Philippines


TGIF! Here’s to an enjoyable weekend to all, however you planned your Saturdays and Sundays. Lots of things to do this weekend. Tonight will be the show at the Araneta Coliseum, Bench Blackout. If you are tired of the artista hype, why not hie off to that bar in San Juan where our guy Friday, 23-year-old Alfred Mendoza, teases and taunts for our flights of fancy 
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  1. in fairness…he has an awesome hot body……..he definitely has a better body than dingdong dantes or sam milby anytime…..he is toned and just the right amount of meat where it should be…….in the right palces kumbaga………si dingdong and sam mga flat ang puet at ang legs chicken legs

  2. Kadiri yung Wings!!! parang pinulot lang sa basurahan! anyway, ganda ng katawan.. very smooth.. =)

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