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Last weekend, a bikini contest in a beach resort far North was shown on national tv. The Mr. and Ms. Hannah’s Resort Ecotourism Ambassadors proclaimed 20-year-old John Paul Lopez as the guy winner.  If he looks familiar, JP has been participating in the bikini competitions around the metro for the longest time.

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  1. hi rd, about algieri…i noticed na magkahawig si algieri at si john spainhour….hope may makita kang photos ni algieri in bikini..he is gorgeous!!!!

    may photo sila ni pacquiao na nag weigh in kaya lang di prominent yung bulge nya hihihi

    we can put algieri and spainhour side by side to see their similarities sa height, face, and body…

  2. He can be booked for 25K. That’s the amt he quoted me when I sent hin a PM in fb. I declined because I find his offer too pricey. Nah!

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