Hot Men in the Philippines

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Friday’s smooth and hot guys in bikinis are Lloyd Barredo [left] and Jack Mendoza. Lloyd’s a freelance model, appearing in bikini shows and contests in town for a few years now. The 5’10”-tall looker has also done bit roles for the movies [e.g. Rafael Rosell‘s Bikini Open] and tv [Dingdong Dantes‘s Encantadia]. On the other hand, Jack Mendoza‘s the cute guy who never made it in bikinidom come despite the nice skin, boyish looks and the nice fully-packed package. Happy Friday everyone!
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  1. parang feel nyang kantutin yung ombre sa harap nya….. bwahahaha…. GO GO GO!!!! Parang nasa isip nya… “Pwede… pwedeng pwede…. matambok ang wapuuut… kasyang kasya daks kong nota…” bwahahahaha!!!!

  2. Si Jack sayang hindi na sumikat sikat gwapo pa naman. Kuntento na lang sa mga maliliit na show na bikini na cheap ang suot.

  3. this is an old photo…of some years ago. lloyd has been based in the US for almost 4 years now. both guys have already matured by now.

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