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Constant Contestant

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Veteran contestant of bikini opens past John Mark Marcia is still at it, quietly making his appearances in dem things-and-thongs competitions against younger ones. He may not be winning any titles now but he’s still in fighting form. And relentless, too.

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  1. He may have joined every pageant imaginable but I must admit he looks better and better each year unless father time prohibits him already.

  2. Nakikita ko sya sa fitness first north edsa at masarap pa din naman itsura nya. Maganda katawan at makinis. Sarap makasex kahit sabihin nyo pang hustler na sya sa mga bading

  3. Why do people always put down other people? If and ever he was a call boy before doesn’t he have the chance to change and be something else? Palibhasa puro kayo mga makakating dila at naglalaway na BAKla. Get real gays… You have no right to judge people… Not you not me…not anyone else. So please lang stop your unnecessary and brutal comments. Your just showing what kind of people you really are!

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