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Gamac is Back!

If you like Gamac Mendoza, then you should watch the grand finals of Super Bodies Bikini Open Year 4 on 25 April 2009 at the Techno Wave Bar, Il Terrazo along Tomas Morato Ave. in Quezon City. The 23-year-old part-time model, who is beginning to make his presence felt in bikini competitions in the metro, is one of the favorite candidates in Super Bodies. Gamac hopes to win a title this time, as he’s been relegated lately to first runner-up finishes in the past contests that he joined.
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  1. RD can’t be Jojo Velosa, simply because Jojo doesn’t write literate English. RD writes well; Jojo’s English is trash. Yun lang.

  2. Si Jojo Velosho ba yung chumupa kay Hans Montenegro noong kasarapan pa ni Hans? 14 lang yata siya noon.

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