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Lazy Sunday

Sunday morning, yellow sky. The sun is floating, diamond high. I’m just on LSS mode from October Project’s Sunday Morning Yellow Sky song, and I’m in a state of do-nothingness on the verge of drowsiness, actually. Let’s see … Last night’s Jake Cuenca show at the Mall of Asia was a bringdown because Jake wore jeans throughout the show – never showing his butt and other parts where the sun doesn’t necessarily shine. Earlier this morning, I did that ABS-CBN-sponsored run along Roxas Boulevard in Manila and Jake was running and walking in his 5-km race. Piolo was faster, running 10 kms. in true running form. Hot and sweaty, he had nice round buttocks! I’m rambling because I can’t think now of any entry, too tired and torpid. And here’s AJ Ona – wet briefs and all – again, promoting the indie flick Santuaryo, which will have its commercial run starting 17 March 2010 in selected theaters.

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  1. cute, sexy, delicious, chinito boy. kung ganito ba naman ang kasama ko sa dagat, makakapagjakol ka sa ilalim ng tubig habang nakatitig ka sa kanya hihihi

  2. jusme RD, kung wala ka magawa iupload mo na lang yung mga dick-a-day at iba pang pics mo. share a pic, win a friend. Dali!!!

    Salamat hehe (wiz ko masyado type kasi beauty nitong junjun na ire)

  3. Nice pic but I’m more interested if you got pics of the letdown Jake Cuenca event last nite in MOA. Any of you have galleries on multiply or flikr?

    maybe jake and the organizers of that anticipated Bench show played it a bit cautious. Such a shame. Share pics k?

  4. Hindi ko masyadong type. Pero kapag may makita akong ganitong bagets na pakalat-kalat sa beach… PUCHA! Chuchupain ko agad sa likod ng batuhan tapos ibibili ko siya ng Lucky Me Instant Sotanghon para naman bumalik ang kanyang lakas… para chupain ko siya ulit sa likod naman ng mga puno.

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