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Is it just me or was there something done on Marco Posadas? The body surely improved and the abs are just seriously, uh, awe-inspiring. But the face – there is some changeover, like a fine enhancement or correction. Whatever it is, he looks better now. Too, he’s promoting his direct-to-video flick called Manila Exp..., rather Summer Boys with other sexy boys. I think he gets to show some of his stuff in there. Maybe he will spring some surprise. A big one.
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  1. People mistake him for Marco Maristela of Manila Exposed. He is not Marco Maristela. He is Anthony Posadas a.k.a. Marco Posadas. Two different people. The write up kasi meron insinuation that he appeared in Manila Exposed.

  2. saw him last time sa fitness first pampanga, magandanakatawan nianun andhe is with a gay doctor from tarlac pampanga, baka yun ung benefactor nia

  3. at least may class, hindi tulad mg ibang nagsusulputan na parang bilasa na… tulad nung jeff something dun sa isang post at yung iba pa na ang jojologs talaga ng mukha

  4. he’s gay…proven! i don’t know if he’s still active in the irc chatroom but had sex with him, pangit sya pero maganda talaga ang katawan.

  5. di ko sure kung nasa Manila Exposed din sha, pero sha yung kapartner nung “Monica” sa Wreck My Virgin Asian Ass, hindi si Marco Posadas na nasa Manila Exposed. Panoorin ninyo yung Wreck, siyang siya yun, hindi maikakaila.

  6. sino ba yang baklang nagpupumilit na si Marco Maristela lang ang lumabas sa Pinoy porn? Si marco Posadas rin noh! bulag ka ba? alam namin itsura ni Marco maristela noh! tigilan na nga yan, part ka lang ata ng PR machine nyang si Marco Posadas para pagtakpan ang nakaraan, ginagawa mong tanga ang mga bakla. haller, kung ako yang si Marco Posadas wag nang ideny. look at Maico Eduria, hindi dineny, ayun may TV show pa rin, at may jowa pang influential.

  7. Siya yung nsa manila exposed… kaibigan ko yung ex gf nya…. Si maristela yung nsa kabayuhan… siya yung kay monica…ayy mga ewan kau

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