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Arwin Sigua comes in third at Beach Bodies

Next to Merick and Jeffrey, 24-year-old Arwin Sigua from Angeles City was one of the winners [second runner-up] in Subic Feeport’s biggest bikini contest – Beach Bodies 2008 held last April 14. Arwin, who is as tall as Jeffrey, stood out for his well-defined bod and fine chinito looks [plus the fact that he’s sporting a buzz-cut!]. Immediately after the contest, newbie Arwin reportedly got modeling offers and projects from the designers and talent agents.
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  1. hmmm….i think sa mga nanalo that night eh siya ang hindi ako agree kung bakit nanalo. personal opinion lang po.

  2. are you sure he is not from Myanmar or Sichuan. i am postive i glanced at him on CNN or BBC as one of the calamities survivors.
    one advantage of being from the third world – TV EXPOSURE.

  3. sorry, anonymous no. 2, but that’s the dumbest comment i’ve EVER heard in this blog. i feel bad for you. yung pagka-ignorante mo lumalabas. andaming butas sa sinabi mo i don’t even know where to start.

  4. i did it again!
    i stirred the witches brew and awaken the dead. let’s make this blog lively. infuse some solid (not soupy) s-h-i-t.

    anonymous #3, wake up and smell the coffee or better, subscribe to cable HDTV. now where is the line up for rice. Oh, its on channel 9.

  5. bakit ung trunks nya parang oversize, ung lining niya parang sobra sa singit niya. will somebody advise him to use the right size?

  6. Kahit na sabihin mo pang malake etits (o mukhang malake) at bakat na bakat, hindi pa rin nakakalibog si Arwin. Parang sa katawan ng oldster ang muscles niya. Di kaaya-aya.

  7. Summit na, excellence pa. Over the top talaga comment ni mare. I disagree, disagree, disagree.

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