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Carl and a cutie

Of course, you guys remember the good-looking boy Carl Rosadino, the surprise winner in last year’s Slimmers World International Bikini Bodies 2007 and first runner-up in Kouros 2006 [winner was Merick]. Well, Carl won another bikini contest just recently [photos above]. And he deserved it. But wait! Who’s the first runner-up? Carl stands at around 5’9″ so maybe the cutie runner-up could be around 6′ tall. Can anyone please ID the guy? He could be the next Harry
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  1. Carl is cute! The other guy is heavy cute! They look identical. Filipinos have the most beautiful eyes in the world, don’t you notice?

  2. ang cute nung 1st runner up.parang nga sila magkamukha.pero mas like ko ung guy na unidentified.he looks so yummy and unexploited.

  3. Pag malayo, mas maganda nga ang winner. Pero pag malapitan na, ay, katakam-takam and 1st runner-up.

    Don’t worry, sisters. I’m sure the unidentified guy will pop into the scene (bikini pageant, showbiz, modeling, advertising) one of these days.

  4. I think i know the first runner up. I still cannot confirm this but if he is ‘that’ guy in school. I know a guy who seriously looks like him but i still do not know yet if he is ‘him’. If he is ‘that guy’ his name is Ginger. I repeat, i still cannot confirm this.

  5. with that pearly smile, sweet look and height 1st runner-up would make a perfect flight steward(ess) for an asian airline. will that be coffee, tea or text me?

  6. Aba, pambabae pa pangalan niya, parang sila Joy, Baby, Marichi. Ano kaya apelyido niya, Rogers? Conejero?

    Kung ano man, gusto ko siyang makapiling at uminom na lang kami ng salabat bago at pagkatapos mag-do. Cheers!

  7. the 1st runner up was ginger 17 y/o stunner, tourism student from pup. carl is from up. tnk he’s not str8 enuf.

  8. Ah oo nga. hehehe nakita ko sya before sa SM manila may mga kasamang gay eh.
    crush ko yan sa skul hehehe
    lagi kme kita sa run way

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