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Ederson Emerging

At 28 years old, Ederson dela Torre is still at it. He’s still joining local bikini contests, easily fitting in – primping and posing in a tiny bikini against much younger contestants. This 5’9″-tall native of Bataan province was a runner-up at the 2007 Beach Bodies Bikini Open in Bataan. He is a college grad from the Philippine Women’s University in Manila. With the onset of summer, expect to see more of Ederson in the bikini pageants for guys.
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  1. who cares if he’s 28 yrs old. By the way he looks right now it would take a while before he shows sign of aging.

  2. PWU vah kamo? isa ba sya sa mga tumatambay sa labas ng PWU pag sapit ng dilim? quever. even if he is, I’m not interested.

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