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Emmanuel Vila hangs freely

I’ve been hearing stories about the grand opening sequence of Bench Blackout this coming Friday. Supposedly, the models will all be nekkid wearing only the skimpiest of materials and costumes. Now, that’s something to look forward to. Anyhow, maybe the costume makers of the show will take a look at how Lips Bar does the teasing. Photo above shows Emmanuel Vila, a runner-up in the Tropical Bodies 2007 bikini contest, wearing a, uh, some material that looks like crocheted rags.
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  1. hayyy…naalala ko na nman sya. Ang sarap sarap nya kc eh. super sa laplapan portion. at, magling dn sya tsumupa, w/ the right renumeration syempre. it cost me 2500. pero carry lng, lumigaya nman ako e. Balak ko p nga umulit e. hehe!

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