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Herson Barias is waiting…

…for the big break. Nineteen-year-old Herson Barias first burst into the bikini scene last year when he joined the Heatwave Bikini Showdown sponsored by Starmall in Alabang. He was the favorite in the contest, judging from the shrieks and shouts from admiring fans in the audience. Too bad he only placed second runner-up [eventual winner was Kish McBride]. The 5′-11″-tall native of San Pedro, Laguna is sure to be back – with vengeance -this summer for the bikini open contests.
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  1. i agree na girly siya. baka sa make up. But i think its due to the fact na abnormally smooth siya for a hunk. parang kutis babae, parang curve ng babae. We want hunks to have some roughness and hardness. Macho talaga. so pano ka na Herson?

  2. naku naman, very becky ang tindig nitich. complexion pa lang becky na becky na, isali pa ang ayos na ayos na kilay… CONFIRMED!!!

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