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Jeffrey Serious

Hottie Jeffrey Surio is a Math teacher in a prestigious uni. He is also a product of prestigious schools. He lives in a posh village in Bulacan. His family is well-off and well-known in the community. Having said that, Jeffrey Surio’s state of participation in bikini contests – such as the one in Sabangan Cove in Santiago, Ilocos Sur and the Eat Bulaga Macho Man contest – is merely a past-time. A hobby. Something to do to while away the time. I swear I’m not making things up. Really.
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  1. well, mag teach nalang siya noh, mas pakikinabangan pa siya ng mga kabataan at hindi lang mga kabadingan

  2. galing siya sa de buena familya? at professora pa siya ha. at class a model pa. ang suwerte naman ng makakadyowa nito at self supporting, di kelangan sustentuhan. akin ka nalang jeff.

  3. actually guys he’s girlfriend right now is the former promo girl of “wowowee” the name is PALOMA the chinita girl endorsing the joel cruz product in wowowee… and they are now living in… source erika the manager of paloma…and jeff surio himself…jeff is very humble in person ive know him ever since he joined one of our competitions in subic,and as we meet all those time’s in some casting’s go-see’s and competitions…although u cn smell his being arrogant these days
    some of his well known friends says..too bad…

  4. hollywood actor DAVID DUCHOVNY is a princeton u (or uni in pinas) alumnus and has an academic Ph.D. what more, he does sexy roles including exposing his buttocks. he could easily be a university prof but chose to be an actor as his daytime job. could it be love for the arts? LET’S ASK JEFF what’s his take.

  5. that body is a product of good genes and a lot of hardwork……….he could give a++++ models a definite run for their money

  6. He lives in a posh village in Bulacan? Which part ? I grew up, studied there but I was never told there is one posh village.

  7. gusto nyo ba ilitanya ko mga baklang matanda na nakasuso sa kanya? starting with bonie mercado (ambisyosang katulong ng isang antique dealer sa mabini)-buboy

  8. Ano ba meron ang Math? Si Carlo Maceda di ba nagturo din ng Math sa UP? Si Dante Balboa, prof din sa FEU, naging classmate ko pa sa Math 1 sa UP. (Lagi siyang naka-sando sa klase at in fairness, masarap ang kilikili niya. Hahaha) Tapos ngayon, si Jeffrey Surio?

    Dapat ata ang masters ko may kinalaman sa Math e. Hihihi

  9. sobrang desperado siguro nya sumikat. wala akong kilalang mayaman na sasali sa mga cheap cheapang bikini contests at rarampa ng nakahubad sa all out (fashion show kuno). may mga pretigious pageants naman dyan like mossimo noh. magtigil nga sha.

  10. I am a Math major at UP. BELIEVE ME, it is so much different from high school math, accounting, and engineering. You wouldn’t only learn math (logic, abstract alegebra, complex analysis). There is this something else that will boost one’s confidence in expressing the inner self. Math sort of builds up someone’s confidence!

    PS There is a large percentage of gay guys in UP taking up Math as their major!

  11. di naman marunong mag internet si buboy baril…..baket ginagamitm nyo pangalan ni buboy??? isn dis aldwin cruz????? ex jowa ni adrian racho? sour graping ka ate??? why you were dump by him????

  12. hataw sa guesting itong si JEFF.
    sa ruffa and i tapos sa eat bulaga

    pero bad trip dahil angspelling nya C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-E-S

    ayun talo sila tuloy

  13. What a body!!! Comes from a rich family itong si Jeff at meron yata silang family business sa Vietnam. Frequently travels there with his brother (who is equally HOT!) and other members of the family. Business class lage… Wala lang, just for info lang. 🙂

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