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Kaisan Lopez post-summer

Summer has gone and passed and yet we did not even hear a squeak from perennial bikini open contestant Kaisan Lopez. ┬áRemember this kid from previous posts? ┬áHe was Harry‘s runner-up at the 2007 Heatwave Bikini Showdown and he showed some potential back then. ┬áFrom then on, he hopped from one contest to another with the hope of getting good showbiz feedback. ┬áHe was last seen at the Ilocandia Bikini Open 2008, and yes, he travelled 350 miles from Manila, all the way to Ilocos Norte for the contest. He didn’t win, though.
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  1. His undies remind me of a candy cane at christmas time this young man gave and later on molested me. But that was long time ago. It happened and there’s no reason crying over spilt milk. On the other hand and looking back, I thought I enjoyed it. Im not bitter. He was very good-looking and an athlete. I wish I could turn back the time.

    Did you know that candy cane were created so symbolize Jesus? Their shape representing the letter “J” and their colors representing the white for the purity and red for the blood of Christ?

    Kaisan wearing this candy cane inspired underwear is an act of blasphemy!

    On the ligher side, anong flavor? I like peppermint!!

  2. i saw his pic sa hes the 2nd runner up of ilokandia bikini open, candon ilocos sur. check it out.

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