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Mark Sherwin redux

Sunday is beginning to be one of my favorite days of the week. Unlike before, when I used to dread that Sunday-bluesy feeling [because of manic Mondays], I now look forward to this day, which happens to be the day most races are scheduled in the metro.  I finished this morning the 10k Feati Run, with a PR of under-55.  Which made me happy. By the way,  that’s Sherwin Mark Cortez again, who’s not actually telling us that the writing’s on the wall. In fact, he is a fresh-faced teener, who looks like a harbinger of good lot and luck.  
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  1. puede na ito makinis naman, 1,500 lang baka kc mainggit na naman si dodong na walang pera bwahahahahakla!!!

  2. rd, pakifeature mo naman si edgar allan guzman.he is also young and fresh.ang lakas pa ng sex appeal.pls rd.he is damnly hot…

  3. oops. hindi pala sha kagwapuhan, delicious lang sa angle dun sa previous pic… eh sa ibang angle naman not very yummy pala….

    but still… pwede na for 500 paysos. that’s my last offer.

  4. Why are Mark Sherwin’s arms placed that way? ‘Yan ang pose ng mga pinup girls na tinatago ang suso nila.

  5. reminds me of someone I really liked noon… well untill now pero hanngng dun na lang… like lang. hayz… badtrip

  6. hmm mahal naman nyan naalala ko nung umuwe ako ng pinas eh sale ang umbao 3 isang daan lang o kaya 50 lang, nakow bata at sariwa pa hehehe…

    rd paki post naman picture ni NATHAN yung sa lihim ni antonio hay! type na type ko talaga sya…

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