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Mimoy v. Trey

It is such pleasure to see these two young-looking and well-built guys. Michael “MM” Millendez or Mimoy [left] and Trey Acuna were contestants in last summer’s Subic Beach Bodies competition. Who’s hotter and better? Is it Mimoy, the bald one with the sexy Ilonggo accent? Or Trey, the younger one with the big, bold Caviteño accent?
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  1. “young looking and well built”, very kind, honest to goodness descriptions for Mimoy and Trey.

    what is Caviteno accent? Cavite, for the last 20 years, has been an unofficial part (suburb) of Manila. a booming bedroom subdivision community to thousands of daily commuters (workers, students, tambays, Baclaran crowd)…NO SUCH THING AS BIG, BOLD CAVITENO ACCENT.

  2. hmmmm….in terms of young and freshness, i will go for mimoy!

    in terms of sexiness, body-to-die for and naughty eyes, i will go for trey.

    in other words, threesome kami!!!

  3. oh, one more thing. in terms of package size,i think trey is way ahead in terms of making me choke.

    unless the alleged lover of Mimoy, Talianna Mendoza (in previous entry) can attest otherwise. that this baby smooth skin dude has a deadly python in between his legs.

    what do you think guys and gays?

  4. Galing mo, pards (August 13, 2008 9:40 PM). Parehong-pareho tayo ng taste at ng comment. Para bang you put words in my mouth. Pero threesome KAMI muna bago kayo. Hahaha!

    And guys and gays? (August 13, 2008 9:42 PM) Is there any difference in this blog?

  5. to anonymous (August 13, 2008 8:16 PM), there’s such a thing as Caviteño accent, I grew up in Cavite and up to now I still live there. I’m a true blue Caviteño. If you are pertaining to the towns like Bacoor, Imus, Dasmariñas, GMA and Carmona ur correct there’s no accent at all BUT if you come accross the towns at the heart of Cavite like Maragondon, Cavite City, Kawit, Magallanes, Alfonso, Gen Trias, Naic, Tanza etc etc…. believe me there is and they will call you “boy, boy….” before starting a sentence.
    It’s not that bad naman kaya lang meron talaga, me myself I was surprised when i found out about it kasi nga in our town (Carmona) we don’t have accent like that. Anyway I’m proud to be one of the Cavite Armalites.

  6. hay naku pareho silang low class noh. nababagay silang tumamabay sa QC circle or sa paligid ng PWU, P300 to P500 isang putok.

  7. EH! like me a Caviteno. my mom is originally from Cavite City. napadpad sila doon becoz my late grandpa was a USN stationed at Sangley Pt…Oh, do i ever miss the BIG, BIG famous fiesta, casillo and pan bonete at Rusit bakery and the best bibingka Samala. believe me i’ve eaten good food here in N.A. but nothing fares better than the local treats…now I’M HOMESICK.

  8. hoy Cheverrr ano eksena mo at nagmamaganda ka ky papa mimoy?bkit nkita mo nb cia at nalanghap ang amoy nia khit malayo p lng cia?nagkita kme last two weeks ago at ang knya c talianna somewhere in makati…at medyo b.c si papa mimoy now…at grabe super cute pa nia!mas masarap cia now kesa dti sa beach bodies!nako
    d hamak na milya milya layo ni mimoy ky trey na mukhang kanto boy noh personal hellow..i compare b ni mamita rd?well ciempre notice ko p din ang skin nia…at ciempre may matatapos b ang eksena nmin ky mimoy nang walang “baby do it one more time sila ni talianna??haahaha
    hoy mga detractors wag kau kampante masyado nagmamaganda kau khit d nio p naman nkita in nga nila ull never know!kaya prove it mo na mga baker!(bading)

  9. nakita ko na si mimoy no. sa totoo lang, hindi sha nagstatand out. very ordinary. well kung happy na kayo sa ganyan, kung ganyan ang bet nyo, wala akong magagawa. basta ako, I have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay higher standards.

  10. parehong low class trying hard to be high class. kung 500 each ang asking price… haller! no way! Pero kung 500 tapos silang dalawa na ang kasama sa package, why not davah? hihihi

  11. Keep on dreaming guys.. better stop this postings about mimoy. You’ll get nothing but reading such lies… if i’m just there, damn for sure you’ll not believe what I can do and who I am… You’ll find out soon..

    Read only..

    No reply request for this post.

    I’m sure eveyrone understands what that means.

  12. mukhang maliit ang kay mimoy. pati body niya parang pang bata na nilagyan ng matitigas na muscles. parang mas type ko si trey, muscles, projection and all. pero totoo ba ito nabalitaan ko na itong trey na ito ay may pagka jologs daw? whatever that means, ano kaya disadvantage nito?

  13. si mimoy mukhang may putok, parang amoy basahan. si trey mukhang amoy maasim. sorry my nose can’t take the torture from either one of them…

  14. @Anonymous August 22, 2008 2:07 PM

    hahaha. natawa naman ako sa sinabi mo na mukhang abnoy si mimoy. why? may pagka abnoy ba talaga ito? hehehehe

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