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I’m just wondering if Will Sandejas‘s new provocative movie Oliver…Kung Ako Ikaw has been shown already. ┬áThe movie’s billed as the most daring movie ever for Will and I’m guessing there are lots of organs shown and played in there. ┬áPrevious press releases put the premiere date on the first week of March and so far, there’s not enough news from the production. Anyhow, here’s a photo of Will Sandejas, as he gladly shows his ass. Will recently won in the Metrobodies 2009 Search for Models of the Year, a bikini contest sponsored by the Metro Bar, in a tie with another bikini open veteran, ┬áDexter Castro.
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  1. so what kung ta-artits? the fact remains: based on his physical attributes, he’s not worth 7K. parang si Kristopher King, lumabas lang sa indie films greveh na ang price increase! eh haller he’s so dugyot and out of shape, di man lang sha worth 200 pesos noh.

  2. Hi rd and everyone! it’s my first time to post here but i have been a lurker since last year pa. Thanks to rd for putting up such a great sight.

    I agree with Samantha de Chavez on Christopher King, dugyot looking talaga. On the other hand, Will naman is ordinary looking but i won’t say that he’s at that level of CK’s kadugyotan. I actually didn’t find will appealing before but after seeing sikil, i started liking him already.

    So to anonymous, can you share Will’s contact info to me? Pretty please? send it to


  3. Here is the contact number of Mr. Will Sandejas. WIL SANDEJAS-09289302036. Two things will happen when you call him. First he might refer you to his handler/bugaw. Or he will outrightly refused your offer kasi nag wo-work daw sya sa call center at meron din daw syang 7k…taray ano?

  4. INDAY: Mam, ano’ng luto po ang gusto ninyo sa hipon? Halabos? Ginisa? Sinigang? Nilasing?

    MAM: Kahit ano. Basta tanggalin mo ang ulo!

  5. hi, I am also so into will s. I agree he’s not your traditionally handsome matinee idol looker but moreno hunks with attitude like will’s always does it for me.

    yeah will, anong number mo? we can deal direct instead of going through a fixer, hehe.

    to anyone who has will’s contact no., please share.

    thanks guys.

  6. Hello guys, I have booked Will last January thru a handler, he got 4K, in my opinion, he is not worth it, laila dee , there is a smell down ( after shower), in a hurry, wala and I think parang verde rin kaya ako naman wala rin akong gana, I just told him to masturbate

  7. Hi Anonymous of March 28 – 9:04am –

    Thanks for the comment of your January booking of Will. Any smell or hint of odor especially down the anal area – that does it for me. That is 2nd to bad breath & both are total turn-offs!

    You’d expect that these guys for hire would have the decency of practising basic body hygiene & clean themselves up. It is very true that people are not always what they appear to be.

    Why don’t they take the cue & learn from male porn
    stars abroad? I read that top honcho Michael Lucas insists that his performers cleanse themselves INSIDE OUT before engaging in any sexual acts. That includes cleaning their insides with Fleet – the disposable adult enema that flushes your bowels super clean. You can bet they’re clean as a whistle afterwards. Btw, they’re readily available over the counter at any Mercury drugstore for just over P200.

    Not for anything, but I practise the same thing before meeting anyone for sex – it’s the least you can do for your partner.
    So you’d expect these studs for hire (who charge 7k up) would be considerate enough.

    I HAD the hots for Will & wanted to sample some variety. But learning that he doesn’t smell good “down (even) after shower”, forget it. I am more than happy with my regular hot suki/masseur – Jeero, a Vic Basa lookalike – whose hunky body is so clean, I can eat him all night. Plus he charges just a fraction of what these indie “stars” demand.

    Guys, for what we pay these
    studs-for-hire, we should also demand THEY CLEAN THEMSELVES UP!!

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