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Swarthy Amateur: Alexis

Summer’s just a few months away and it’s doubly exciting because of the onrush of fresh, new and distinct faces in the season’s bikini fleshfest. One of them guys who is sure to be in the bikini open competitions this year is Alexis Alvarez, a 22-year-old native of Imus, Cavite. Alexis, who is 5’11”-tall, has the potential because of his striking and unusual looks, well-defined body and considerable height. Definitely, he is someone to keep an eye on this coming summer.
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  1. ay pwedeng pwede itich…. lalaking lalaki. for choor mabango ang yagballs, lalo na sa gabi after working hard under the sun all day. TSALAP TSALAP!!!

  2. he’s hot nga but unusual ba ‘to? he obviously looks very pinoy. look at that body! i bet brown na brown ang titi! yum, yum! ha!

  3. 100% constru and dating nya. nice body but unfortunately, di talaga sya gwapo. ganda lang body nya. eka nga hipon. sorry for the term but i cant describe him more completely than that.

  4. So what kung hindi sya gwapo. Hindi naman mukha nya ang sinususo at ipinapasok sa p*ke right?

    I’ll take this guy any day. Mukhang madumi, magaling sa kama, madaming katas, at hindi napapagod. Pang-sex lang talaga ang katawan…

  5. hindi naman 5’11 yan eh, he’s just 5’7! He works in the same company where I work, I must say he’s hot!! crush na crush ko sya dahil sa appeal nya!!

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