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He winding and grinding it

Zeus1I have never been a big fan of tats. However, if it’s one inked n’ nekkid guy like Zeus Collins, I’d be willing to set aside my serious bias towards the body marks.  Besides, don’t let the tats overshadow his hot body, chiseled face and, uh, other endowments.

Zeus2As the self-anointed “God of the Dancefloor,” Zeus can do a mean pop-and-lock (do they still call it that nowadays?) During my heydays it was breakdancing. I guess it’s b-boying now, or whatever, I’m digressing. Thing is, Zeus is a goood dancer. So goood, he can gawdofdadancefloor me anytime!

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    1. Bobita more, teh? Sinabi na nga ni RD na breakdancer di ba? Sikat si Zeus sa hip hop dance scene pero wiz mo siya kilala kasi gay bar lang ang peg mo noh?

      I will do Zeus 24/7 – promise.

  1. madaming mga vakla dito ang sobrang ilusyunada at mukhang mga naka droga kaya kung anik anik ang pumapasok sa isip at pinopost dito.

  2. The other tattoos are ok pero yung sa leeg very distracting. That’s also one reason why he’s getting rejected in many go-sees. I should know, kakareject lang ng agency namin sa kanya recently.

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