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Aki is here to stay

It looks like top-model-of-the-moment Akihiro Sato is extending his supposed-to-be three-month stay here in Manila.  As commercial, ramp and tv offers keep coming his way, the 6’1″-tall Brazilian of Japanese descent, has decided to stay for a while. He has reportedly enrolled in Filipino and English courses at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City. And he  takes the public commute [buses and train] from his Makati condo to school.  Suddenly, I want to ride the MRT, too, and look for Aki in the crowd. I heard he is very polite and accommodating.  
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  1. OK, I was the Anonymous who dropped the news before that he’s really taking taking up Filipino courses in UP Diliman with my dear friend +++++ who teaches Portuguese. Oh well, my story is not like any of those claimed fantasies of some frequents here. This one is real. (ako rin yung sa Ram Ace Bautista is the brother of my Prof). Funny thing is, Prof & +++++ belong only to one department. I so love this department. Talo pa ang College of Masscom sa dami ng mactors (model & actors) who drop by. Last week, Cherie Gil and a lady whom I think her assistant dropped by looking for an Italian interpreter.

    PS si Prof ay French Prof. Hence, you could figure out this department. Bongga sya! Nagmimistulang The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency sya.

    Dapat gawan sila ng show. Ang ratio pa naman ng men to women&gay profs sa department ay almost null to all!

  2. I’ve seen Aki work out in Gold’s Gym Glorietta the other Friday night. (And Mark Onir too.) He’s pretty unassuming and you wouldn’t notice him immediately.

  3. ay ako type ko siya…..mag inarte pa ba ako? and i don’t think he has skinny legs, proportionate lang sa lean frame nya.

    have you seen leandro okabe’s legs? oversize, humongous parang rugby player. pero infairness gwapo din. balita ko darating din siya sa pinas for 3-4 months only. love ko talaga mga brazilian japanese.

  4. wala ako naintindihan dun sa kinuwento nung anonymous sa taas ko…can u refreshen your story?grad ako ng u.p. at ang may pinakamaraming goodlooking students dun eh college of b.a.a. lang.andun kasi yung mga rich kids walang portuguese course ang b.a.a. baka linguistics pa.

  5. hmm… I take the MRT almost everyday except sundays… hahaha so it WAS him that I chanced upon not once, not twice, but certainly NOT everytime, you get the idea. No wonder since I get on at Boni Station aand he’s coming in from Makati and we both get off at the same station at Q.C Ave. well sometimes GMA-Kamuning as well. And where he studies is way too close to my school hahahaha I mean “waaayyyy to close”

  6. have you see his latest commercial? ung sa magic flakes? can someone send me a link kung naupload na ‘to sa net? pleeeeaase!

    i love the commercial for its concept. mask rider ang theme tapos subbed pa haha!

  7. Dear Anonymous October 19, 2008 1:23 PM,

    What I mean is that there are a lot of mactors, hot-looking men, prima donnas who always drop by at the dept. It does not necessarily mean that they belong to the department.

    Anyways, I agree na nakaraming cute nga sa BAA. However, di ko sila type. They talk without any content. Kaya, I dont find their course something so noble. I find the Arts, Letters, and Sciences more worthwhile to study.

    PS May Portuguese tayo sa UP. Kaya nga nandun si Aki eh!

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