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Baad Ozbot!

Jonathan “Joe” Ozbot is a 22-year-old model from Iloilo City. He is now based in Manila as a professional model. The 6’2″-tall Filipino-Italian hunk has been a favorite model of A-list fashion designers and commercial brands on the runways. Too, he recently appeared as one of the 69 “naughty bachelors” of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine this year.

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  1. I saw him many times in iloilo city and he’s very yummy.
    he’s is much better looking in person than his picture here.

  2. check out his facebook acct.just search him on google.
    first tiem i saw him was at MO2 ICE im smallville dito sa iloilo.litaw na ltiaw sya among the crowd. then malapitan ko syang nakita sa isang resto dito mas yummy pa sya sa kinakain ko hahahahahahahahahaha

  3. Nice body! I know this guy, he really stands out in a crowd because of his height. I bet he will be big in modeling in Manila.

  4. This is an honest, no hidden agenda question: what do you mean by conventional handsome? The way the reader commented was “Hindi conventional handsome pero may dating at oomph factor!

    Does it mean that the model passed more than what it will take to be “conventionally handsome”?

    Kindly help me to decipher what the thought of the message was. Thanks to all.

  5. he’s lucky to have reached this far in his career.he’s a sweet guy in person.he’s “medium” not so gifted but i admire his perseverance.wish him luck!hope he doesn’t change.

  6. When he was starting his modeling career in Iloilo, he used to make patol sa bakla. This is from a reliable source. A designer who used to get him as a model. His cousins who also models before used to patol sa bakla rin.

  7. actually mas kamukha nya yung isa sa mga powerboys dati. yung kulot ang buhok.
    hindi sina jordan-frank-geoff-???


    sino kaya ang pinatulang nyang baklang designer sa iloilo? si bo parcon kaya? eh mahilig mag CR tripping yung designer na yun eh

  8. he’s a sincere person.yes “medium” nga sya but that does not matter at all.ang importante mabait sya.parang my maliit na scar ang “medium” nya.very clean sya.Gud luck on ur career!

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