Hot Men in the Philippines

This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a Motherf****r.

dindoThree bikini boys in one day is not too impossible in this site. Heck, I can give you more but for today, there are three. For now. The boys came in the mail today, courtesy of the organizers of B-Naked: The Elite Super Model Quest, which will be held on May 27, 2015 at the Music Museum. First boy, groins and all, is Dindo Lescano, who’s been competing in bikini competitions for some time now.

jl 2Then there’s JL Dizon, who’s bringing sexy (and the mullet) back! You might remember him as the innocent little boy who locked lips and rubbed crotches with the ultimate gay indie tease, Marco Morales in Dreamguyz. JL is still a dream, in some ways.

mikoThe third boy is Miko Laurel, who’s also a bikini open veteran. If you do a Google search, you’ll see lots of images of this guy in various states of undress. That’s a good thing.  And so, I am reminding you – as this is the real purpose of this post – to watch this competition. It’s not the tease-and-sleaze type. Well, maybe a bit, but the boys are good and gorgeous and bikini-clad. Just watch.  Buy your tickets at TicketWorld 891.9999, Music Museum 721.0635  or from Roldan 0905 359.509.

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  1. dindo and miko have sexy pits and good bulges, nakaka utog ng tarugs, jl is also sexy and yummy.

    1. Teh,

      May asawa’t anak na po sya… so retired na sya for bookings
      More on strip tease ala Magic Mike na lang po sya but NOT for indecent proposals

  2. Sorry Dear RD…wiz ka-appeal appeal sa fake vagina ko ang tatlong ito.Next Post please. Thanks!

  3. Sana nga gawin sosy ang mga bikini contests gaya neto. Hindi puro salaula na lang na ginagawa sa Fahrenheit or Pink Manila. Kawawa talaga boys!

    1. U mean sosy na syo tong gantong bikini contest? Gosh! Walang pinag iba to sa mga barangay contests. Tapos sila sila din ang mga kasali. Mas malaki nga lang ang prize money at ung venue.

  4. sarap hagurin ng halik ang tuhod papuntang upper legs tas doon ka matatapos sa singit at ..anus at notes di ba? sarap pa sya ngayon. ewan ko lang bukas.

  5. Guztoh koh poh mag watch. Gusto ko si jl, pero dapat gufitan shah ng hairlaloo. Kamukha nya si charice nung di pah tomboyita ang ateng. Pero typecko suya pati yung sexy na royalista si aeron sta.cruzzzz.

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